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4th SKADS Workshop: Lisbon 2-3 October, 2008

4th SKADS Workshop: Lisbon 2-3 October, 2008

The 4th SKADS Workshop was hosted by Multidisciplinary Centre for Astrophysics at Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon, Portugal on 2-3 October, 2008.

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download documentAgenda

Day 1

download documentSKADS Status and Progress
Arnold van Ardenne
download documentSKADS and SKA
Andrew Faulkner
download documentSKADS Science and Engineering
Steve Torchinsky
download documentScience Simulations Overview
Steve Rawlings
download documentPulsar Science with the SKA
Roy Smits
download documentAn Inventory of SKADS Tools to a full SKA Simulation
Hans-Rainer Klöckner
download documentEpoch of Reionisation / 21cm Simulations
Mário Santos
download documentEvolution of Magnetic Fields in Galaxies
Tigran Arshakian
download documentSKADS DS2 and Beyond
Jan Noordam
download documentArray Configuration Studies
Dharam Vir Lal
download documentSimulated HI Observations
Robbie Auld
download documentThe SKADS Sky Databases
François Lévrier
download documentSKADS Costing Work: Spreadsheets to Scalable Designs
Rosie Bolton
download documentAperture Array Simulations
Ben Mort
download documentSKADS System Design Aspects: Building a System
Laurens Bakker
download documentAperture Arrays System Design
Philippe Picard
download documentSensitivity: The Challenges
Jan-Geralt bij de Vaate
download documentEMBRACE
Dion Kant
download documentEMBRACE Prototype Tile Measurements
Mark Ruiter
download documentEMBRACE Solar Drift Scans
Henrik Olofsson
download documentAntenna simulation, realization and verification
Michel Arts
download documentWideband Integrated Antenna Dual Polarization
David Zhang
download documentStatus of CMOS LNA Research and Development
Leo Belostotski
download documentProgress in Active Antenna Design and Developement
Timothy Finn
download documentProgress on LNA Programme
Boumedienne Boudjelida
download documentLNA Progress
Danielle Kettle
download document2 Polarisation All Digital
Georgina Harris
download document2-PAD From Antennas to Beamforming
Kris Zarb-Adami
download documentNançay Differential BeamFormer Chip
Séverin Barth
download document2PAD’s Beamforming Software
Aziz Ahmedsaid
download documentDSP Technology Options
Chris Shenton

Day 2

download documentBasic Element for SKA Training - BEST
Stelio Montebugnoli
download documentReceivers for BEST
Jader Monari
download documentOptical Links for BEST
Frederico Perini
download documentProgress in Differential Amplifiers
Óscar García Pérez
download documentLocal Oscillator distribution over fibre
Roshene McCool
download documentRF Fibre Optics
Thomas Berenz
download documentCyclostationary Nulling with Phased Arrays
Cédric Dumez-Viou
download documentBackend Processing
André Gunst
download documentTechnology Readiness Levels
Andrew Faulkner
download documentTransition from SKADS to PrepSKA
Richard Schilizzi

Reports on Deliverables

download documentDesign Study 2: Science and Technical Specifications
Thijs van der Hulst
download documentDesign Study 3: The Network and its Output Data
Paul Alexander
download documentDesign Study 4: Technical Foundations and Enabling Technologies
Andrew Faulkner
download documentDesign Study 5: EMBRACE
Dion Kant
download documentDesign Study 6: BEST
Stelio Montebugnoli

Workshop Summary

download documentSKADS 4th Workshop Summary
Peter Wilkinson
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