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2nd SKADS Workshop: Paris 10-11 October, 2007

2nd SKADS Workshop and Mid Term Review

Workshop: Meudon, 10-11 October 2007
MTR: Paris, 12 October 2007

participants of the SKADS Workshop in Meudon, 11 October 2007


Day 1

download documentWhat it’s about
Peter Wilkinson
download documentOverview at Intermediate Stage
Arnold van Ardenne
download documentSKADS Benchmark Scenario
Andrew Faulkner
download documentSystem Level Costing
Paul Alexander
download documentThe Loop from Science to Engineering
Steve Torchinsky
download documentScience Simulations
Steve Rawlings
download documentEpoch of Reionisation
Paola di Matteo
download documentPulsar Survey
Roy Smits
download documentLarge Scale Structure
Danail Obreschkow
download documentCosmic Magnetism
Tigran Arshakian
download documentAstronomical Data Simulations
Cormac Reynolds
download documentConfiguration Studies
Dharam Vir Lal
download documentAstronomical Response of Aperture Arrays
Nima Razavi
download documentCalibration and Changing Beam Response
Jan Noordam
download documentRFI Mitigation
Pierre Colom
download documentStation Functional Simulator
Kristian Zarb Adami
download documentNetwork Infrastructure Technologies and Components
Peter Maat
download documentNetwork Infrastructure and Data Transmission
Roshene McCool

Day 2

download documentDifferential Dual Polarisation Antenna Design
Eloy de Lera Acedo
download documentNumerical Modeling of Antenna Systems
Rob Maaskant
download documentSparse Array Geometry
Ahmed El-Makadema
download documentTechnology Perspective and Results with mHEMT
download documentLow noise MMIC’s for the SKA
Sébastien Delcourt
download documentGaAs Transistor Modeling
Boume Boudjelida
download documentAperture Array LNA Cooling
Sascha Schediwy
download documentAnalog Beamforming and Processing
Erik van der Wal
download documentStation Processing
Philippe Picard
download documentDigital Beamforming
Chris Shenton
download documentSKADS in the Global Context
Richard Schilizzi
download documentEMBRACE System
Dion Kant
download documentLow Cost Development for EMBRACE
Marco Drost
download document2-PAD Infrastructure
Georgina Harris
download document2-PAD Analogue Frontend
Tim Ikin
download documentBEST System
Stelio Montebugnoli
download documentLow Cost Optical Links
Jader Monari
download documentDesign and Costing
Rosie Bolton
download documentSKADS Technology Planning
Andrew Faulkner
download documentReview of SKADS Deliverables and Forward Look
André van Es
download documentSKADS Workshop Summary
Arnold van Ardenne
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