Wide Field Science and Technology
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Original Program

download documentAgenda

Day 1: 4 November 2009

download documentOpening and Welcome
Peter Wilkinson, U. Manchester
download documentViews on Large Scale projects from the EC
Hervé Pero, European Commission
download documentSKA Developments
Richard Schilizzi, SKA Program Development Office
download documentOverview SKADS
Arnold van Ardenne, ASTRON
download documentSKADS white paper; technologies
Andrew Faulkner, U. Cambridge
download documentSKADS white paper; science
Steve Torchinsky, Observatoire de Paris
download documentReview of SKADS Sky Simulations
Steve Rawlings, Oxford University
download documentPulsars
Michael Kramer, Max Planck Institut für Radioastronomie
download documentAGN Feedback: Where Does the Jet Energy Go
Matt Lehnert, Observatoire de Paris
download documentThe Transient Sky
Joe Lazio, Naval Research Lab / SKA Program Development Office
download documentEpoch of Reionisation
Saleem Zaroubi, Kapteyn Institute
download documentWide field polarimetry and Cosmic Magnetism
Rainer Beck, Max Planck Institut für Radioastronomie
download documentChemical Complexity with the SKA
José Cernicharo, Laboratory of Molecular Astrophysics, Madrid

Day 2: 5 November 2009

download documentScience and early results with LOFAR
Ger de Bruyn, ASTRON
download documentWidefield astronomy with ASKAP
Carole Jackson, CSIRO
download documentThe WSRT focal plane array system APERTIF
Tom Oosterloo, ASTRON
download documentOverview on the Hl SKA End2end Simulations
Hans Rainer Klöckner, Oxford University
download documentFast Large Volume Simulation of the Epoch of Reionization
Mário Santos, CENTRA IST
download documentScience Simulations for Radio inteferometers
Ian Heywood, Oxford University
download documentAtmospheric Turbulences in Widefield Interferometric Images
Ivan Marti Vidal, Max Planck Institut für Radioastronomie
download documentActive Antennas; Design and Characterization
Jan Geralt Bij de Vaate, ASTRON
download documentPhase Transfer for Timing and LO distribution
Roshene McCool, SKA Program Development Office
download documentData flow and processing- a key SKA design driver
Paul Alexander, University of Cambridge
download documentSystem design choices; Cost and performance trade-offs
Rosie Bolton, University of Cambridge
download documentThe Building of EMBRACE
Dion Kant, ASTRON
download document2-PAD: An overview
Georgina Harris, University of Manchester
download documentMixed Signal Transportation for the EMBRACE antenna tiles
Thomas Berenz, Max Planck Institut für Radioastronomie
download documentBest: Basic Element for SKA Training
Stelio Montebugnoli, Istituto di Radioastronomie, INAF, Medicina
download documentFully-digital beam forming results from 2PAD
Kris Zarb Adami, Oxford University
download documentLow noise Broadband Amplifiers in InGaAs/InAlAs
Sanae Boulay, University of Manchester
download documentDesign of High Performance Aperture Array Antennas
Yongwei Zhang, University of Manchester
download documentFIDA: A novel Active Array for the Mid-SKA
Oscar Garcia Perez, Fundacion General de la Universidad de Alcala
download documentIntegrated Receivers for mid band SKA
Suzy Jackson, CSIRO
download documentEMBRACE receiver design
Jader Monari, Istituto di Radioastronomie, INAF, Medicina
download documentReliability performance on radioreceiver chains for BEST
Valeria Scarano, University of Florence

Day 3: 6 November 2009

download documentAperture Array Frontend Design for Production
Marco Drost, ASTRON
download documentProgress on analog Frontend for 2-Pad
Tim Ikin, University of Manchester
download documentSKA LNA technolgies and topologies
Saswata Bhaumik, University of Manchester
download documentEMBRACE Station Processing
Philippe Picard, Observatoire de Paris
download documentThe OSKAR beamforming simulator
Fred Dulwich, Oxford University
download documentThe 2-PAD Digital System Architecture
Chris Shenton, University of Manchester
download documentA Real-time SW. Broadband Beamformer on IBM Cyclops
Aziz AhmedSaid, University of Manchester (presented by Chris Shenton)
download documentEMBRACE: Experiments with 10.000 elements
Stefan Wijnholds, ASTRON
download documentArray Configuration Simulations in SKADS
Andrei Lobanov, Max Planck Institut für Radioastronomie
download documentQuantifying and Improving Polarimetric Widefield Observations
Tobia Carozzi, Glasgow University
download documentRedundant Baseline Calibration on Dense Arrays
Parisa Noorishad, ASTRON
download documentCost effective infrastructure in a multi-telescope layout
Gabriel Grigorescu, University of Cambridge
download documentSKA Pathfinders and Solar System science and exploration
Leonid Gurvits, Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe
download documentEuclid:an optical view of the whole extragalactic sky
Roberto Scaramella, Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (presented by Steve Rawlings)
download documentThe SKA AA-lo array; E.M. simulation and design
Eloy de Lera Acedo, Cambridge University
download documentSKADS DS2 and beyond
Jan Noordam, ASTRON
download documentAAVP
Arnold van Ardenne, ASTRON
download documentICRAR and its Contributions to AAVP
Peter Hall, Curtin University
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