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Square Kilometre Array Design Studies  
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SKADS Task Leaders

Design Study (DS)
Leading participant
DS Tasks Leading Participant DS-Task DS & DS-T Leaders
DS1 - Coordination and Management Coordinator ASTRON SKADS Coordination and Management Arnold van Ardenne
ASTRON ASTRON Project Office Truus van den Brink
ASTRON Project Manager André van Es
OPAR Project Scientist Steve Torchinsky
Cambridge Project Engineer Andrew Faulkner
DS2 - Science & Technical Specification DS Leader Kapteyn Thijs van der Hulst
Kapteyn DS2 -T1 Oxford Science Simulations Steve Rawlings
DS2 -T2 JIVE Astronomical Data Simulations Leonid Gurvits
DS3 - The Network & its Output Data DS Leader Cambridge Paul Alexander
Cambridge DS3 - T1 UMan Network Infrastructure & Data Transmission Simon Garrington
DS3 - T2 ASTRON Data Handling, Control and Distributed computing André Gunst
DS3 - T3 Cambridge Architecture and the Network Simulator Paul Alexander
DS3 - T4 OPAR A Study of Siting & Related Issues Wim van Driel
DS3 - T5 Cambridge SKA for the User Paul Alexander
DS3 - T6 ASTRON Scaleable Design and Implementation Albert Jan Boonstra
DS4 - Technical Foundations & Enabling Technologies DS Leader Cambridge Andrew Faulkner
UMan DS4 - T1 UMan Front End-Technologies Mo Missous
DS4 - T2 INAF-IRA Signal Control & digitisation Stelio Montebugnoli
DS4 - T3 OPAR RFI Mitigation Strategies Pierre Colom
DS4 - T4 ASTRON Wideband Integrated Antennas Jan Geralt bij de Vaate
DS4 - T5 Oxford Beam-forming at patch level Mike Jones
DS4 - T6 UMan The 2-PAD Demonstrator Anthony Brown
DS5 - The EMBRACE Demonstrator DS Leader ASTRON Dion Kant
ASTRON DS5 - T1 ASTRON Design of EMBRACE Dion Kant
DS5 - T2 ASTRON Development of EMBRACE as a System Dion Kant
DS5 - T3 OPAR EMBRACE Assessment of Performance Steve Torchinsky
DS6 - The Cylinder Demonstrator DS Leader INAF-IRA Stelio Montebugnoli
INAF-IRA DS6 -T1 INAF-IRA Design of Sub-Systems Stelio Montebugnoli
DS6 - T2 INAF-IRA Development and Demonstration Stelio Montebugnoli
DS6 - T3 INAF-IRA Assessment of Performance Stelio Montebugnoli
DS6 - T4 ASTRON Phased Arrays on Concentrators Jan Geralt bij de Vaate
DS7 - Assessment and Critical Reviews DS7 - T1 OPAR Continous Assessment and Critical Reviews Wim van Driel
DS8 Overall Systems Design and Preliminary SKA Plan DS8 - T1 UMan Overall System Design and Preliminary SKA Plan Peter Wilkinson
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