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SKA An Engineering Perspective

SKA: An Engineering Perspective "The SKA: an engineering perspective"
P.Hall - Springer, 2005
- reprinted from Experimental astronomy, Vol 17, Nos 1-3, 2004 -

This book includes review and research papers written by leading engineers active in SKA development. It contains updates on SKA demonstrators and prototypes, together with treatments of many topics relevant to SKA system and sub-system design.

Articles are available by on-line subscription or the book can be ordered directly from the publisher's website.

Table of Contents


  • Foreword
    Richard Schilizzi
  • Introduction
    Peter Hall
  • The Square Kilometre Array: An International Engineering Perspective
    P. J. Hall

SKA Demonstrator and Results

  • The Allen Telescope Array
    D. Deboer, R. Ackermann, L. Blitz, D. Bock, G. Bower, M. Davis, J. Dreher, G. Engargiola, M. Fleming, G. Keleta, G. Harp, J. Lugten, J. Tarter, D. Thornton, N. Wadefalk, S.Weinreb, W. J. Welch
  • Sky Noise Limited Snapshot Imaging in the Presence of RFI with Lofar’s Initial Test Station
    S. J. Wijnholds, J. D. Bregman, A. J. Boonstra
  • The Lofar Central Processing Facility Architecture
    K. Schaaf, C. Broekema, G.Diepen, E. Meijeren
  • Hemispheric Imaging of Galactic Neutral Hydrogen with a Phased Array Antenna System
    S. J. Wijnholds, A. G. De Bruyn, J. D. Bregman, J. G. Bij De Vaate
  • Electronic Multi-beam Radio Astronomy Concept: Embrace a Demonstrator for the European SKA Program
    A. Van Ardenne, P. N. Wilkinson, P. D. Patel, J. G. Bij De Vaate
  • The Australian Ska New Technology Demonstrator Program
    Ray Norris


  • Low Noise Performance Perspectives Of Wideband Aperture Phased Arrays
    E. E. M. Woestenburg and J. C. Kuenen
  • Effective Sensitivity of A Non-uniform Phased Array of Short Dipoles
    W. A. Cappellen, J. D. Bregman, M. J. Arts
  • Low Frequency End Performance of a Symmetrical Configuration Antenna for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA)
    G. Cortés-Medellín
  • Radio Astronomy Antennas by the Thousands
    Roger Schultz
  • A Spherical Lens For The Ska
    J. S. Kot, R. Donelson, N.Nikolic, D. Hayman, M. O’Shea, G. Peeters
  • Efficiency Analysis of Focal Plane Arrays in Deep Dishes
    M. V. Ivashina, J. Simons, J. G. Bij Vaate
  • Model Validation and Performance Evaluation for The Multi-Tethered Aerostat Subsystem of the Large Adaptive Reflector
    M. Nahon, C. Lambert, D. Chalmers, W. Bo
  • Modeling of A Feed Support System for Fast
    W. Zhu, R. Nan, G. Ren
  • Cylindrical Reflectors
    J. D. Bunton

RF Systems

  • Local Oscillator Distribution Using A Geostationary Satellite
    J. Bardin, S. Weinreb, D. Bagri
  • RF Design of a Wideband CMOS Integrated Receiver for Phased Array Applications
    S. A. Jackson

Data Transport

  • Fiber Optic Network Technology For Distributed Long Baseline Radio Telescopes
    D. H. P. Maat, G. W. Kant
  • Alma and E-merlin Data Transmission Systems: Lessons for Ska
    R. Spencer, R. Mccool, B. Anderson, D. Brown, M. Bentley

Signal Processing

  • Array Signal Processing for Radio Astronomy
    A. J. Veen, A. Leshem, A. J. Boonstra
  • Ska Correlator Advances
    J. D. Bunton
  • Rfi Mitigation And The Ska
    S. W. Ellingson
  • A 256 MHz Bandwidth Baseband Receiver/Spectrometer
    R. H. Ferris, S. J. Saunders
  • The Square Kilometre Array Molonglo Prototype (Skamp) Correlator
    T. J. Adams, J. D. Bunton, M. J. Kesteven
  • Cots Correlator Platform
    K. Schaaf, R. Overeem
  • DSN Deep-Space Array-Based Network Beamformer
    J. D. Bunton, R. Navarro

Data Processing and Software

  • Software Development For The Square Kilometre Array
    T. J. Cornwell, B. E. Glendenning
  • A Simple Model Of Software Costs For The Square Kilometre Array
    A. J. Kemball, T. J. Cornwell
  • Ska and Evla Computing Costs for Wide Field Imaging
    T. J. Cornwell
  • Efficient Imaging Strategies For Next-Generation Radio Arrays
    C. J. Lonsdale, S. S. Doeleman, D. Oberoi

System Issues and Miscellaneous

  • System Optimisation Of Multi-Beam Aperture Synthesis Arrays For Survey Performance
    J. D. Bregman
  • SKA Cost Model for Wide Field-of-View Options
    J. D. Bunton, S.G. Hay
  • System Issues and Miscellaneous, Cost Effective Frequency Ranges For Multi-Beam Dishes, Cylinders, Aperture Arrays, and Hybrids
    J. D. Bregman
  • Cylinder – Small Dish Hybrid For The SKA
    John D. Bunton, T. Joseph, W. Lazio
  • RFI Test Observations at a Candidate Ska Site in China
    B. Peng, J. M. Sun, H. Y. Zhang, T. Y. Piao, J. Q. Li, L. Lei, T. Luo, D. H. Li, Y. J. Zheng, R. Nan
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