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Science with the Square Kilometre Array

SKA: An Engineering Perspective "Science with the Square Kilometre Array"
eds: C. Carilli, S. Rawlings, New Astronomy Reviews, Vol.48, Elsevier, December 2004

The SKA Science book can be acquired through the International SKA Project Office at the price of €30 (excluding VAT and shipping costs). To order, please contact

Individual chapters are available for download. See below...

Table of Contents

Introductory material

  1. Motivation, key science projects, standards and assumptions
    C. Carilli, S. Rawlings

Key Science Projects

  1. Cradle of Life
    T.J.W. Lazio, J.C. Tarter, D.J. Wilner
  2. Strong-field tests of gravity using pulsars and black holes
    M. Kramer, D.C. Backer, J.M. Cordes, T.J.W. Lazio, B.W. Stappers, S. Johnston
  3. The origin and evolution of cosmic magnetism
    B.M. Gaensler, R. Beck, L. Feretti
  4. Galaxy evolution, cosmology and dark energy with the Square Kilometre Array
    S. Rawlings, F.B. Abdalla, S.L. Bridle, C.A. Blake, C.M. Baugh, L.J. Greenhill, J.M. van der Hulst
  5. Probing the dark ages with the Square Kilometre Array
    C. Carilli, S. Furlanetto, F. Briggs, M. Jarvis, S. Rawlings, H. Falcke

Science Chapters

  1. 21 cm tomography of the high-redshift universe with the Square Kilometre Array
    S.R. Furlanetto F.H. Briggs
  2. Observations of HI 21cm absorption by the neutral IGM during the epoch of re-ionization with the Square Kilometer Array
    C.L. Carilli, N. Gnedin, S. Furlanetto, F. Owen
  3. Cosmology with the SKA
    C.A. Blake, F.B. Abdalla, S.L. Bridle, S. Rawlings
  4. Extragalactic water masers, geometric estimation of Ho, and characterization of dark energy
    L.J Greenhill
  5. Strong gravitational lensing with SKA
    L.V.E. Koopmans, I.W.A. Browne, N.J. Jackson
  6. Measuring changes in the fundamental constants with redshifted radio absorption lines
    S.J. Curran, N. Kanekar, J.K. Darling
  7. Sunyaev-Zeldovich effects, free-free emission, and imprints on the cosmic microwave background
    C. Burigana, G. De Zotti, L. Feretti
  8. Searching for intergalactic shocks with the Square Kilometre Array
    U. Keshet, E. Waxman, A. Loeb
  9. Diffuse radio emission from the intracluster medium
    L. Feretti, C. Burigana, T.A. Enßlin
  10. Magnetic fields in clusters of galaxies
    L. Feretti, M. Johnston-Hollitt
  11. Relativistic jets
    G.W. Bicknell, D.L. Jones, M. Lister
  12. Compact radio cores: from the first black holes to the last
    H. Falcke, E. Körding, N.M. Nagar
  13. The accretion history of the Universe with the SKA
    M.J. Jarvis, S. Rawlings
  14. Deep radio continuum studies with the SKA: evolution of radio AGN populations
    C.A. Jackson
  15. Disks, tori, and cocoons: emission and absorption diagnostics of AGN environments
    R. Morganti, L.J. Greenhill, A.B. Peck, D.L. Jones, C. Henkel
  16. Surveys of compact extragalactic radio sources
    L.I. Gurvits
  17. From gas to galaxies
    J.M. van der Hulst, E.M. Sadler, C.A. Jackson, L.K. Hunt, M. Verheijen, J.H. van Gorkom
  18. Predictions for the SKA from hierarchical galaxy formation models
    C.M. Baugh, C.G. Lacey, C.S. Frenk, A.J. Benson, S. Cole, G.L. Granato, L. Silva, A. Bressan
  19. Searching for high-redshift centimeter-wave continuum, line and maser emission using the Square Kilometer Array
    A.W. Blain, C. Carilli, J. Darling
  20. 21 cm absorption studies with the Square Kilometer Array
    N. Kanekar, F.G. Briggs
  21. HI imaging the low red-shift cosmic web
    R. Braun
  22. The faint HI environment of galaxies: a laboratory for testing galaxy formation
    E. Corbelli
  23. SKA observations of the cosmic web
    E. Wilcots
  24. Observations of magnetic fields in the Milky way and in nearby galaxies with a Square Kilometre Array
    R. Beck, B.M. Gaensler
  25. ISM in nearby galaxies
    E. Brinks
  26. SKA studies of atomic gas in the interstellar medium of the Milky Way
    J.M. Dickey, N.M. McClure-Griffiths, F.J. Lockman
  27. The solar–stellar connection
    S.M. White
  28. Star formation at high angular resolution
    M.G. Hoare
  29. Star formation, massive stars, and super star clusters in nearby galaxies
    K.E. Johnson
  30. Late stages of stellar evolution
    K. Marvel
  31. Imaging protoplanetary disks with a Square Kilometre Array
    D.J. Wilner
  32. Radio emission from supernovae and gamma-ray bursters and the need for the SKA
    K.W. Weiler, S.D. Van Dyk, R.A. Sramekc, N. Panagia
  33. Using SKA to observe relativistic jets from X-ray binary systems
    R. Fender
  34. Strong-field tests of gravity using pulsars and black holes
    J.M. Cordes, M. Kramer, T.J.W. Lazio, B.W. Stappers, D.C. Backer, S. Johnston
  35. The microarcsecond sky and cosmic turbulence
    T.J.W. Lazio, J.M. Cordes, A.G. de Bruyn, J.P. Macquart
  36. The dynamic radio sky
    J.M. Cordes, T.J.W. Lazio, M.A. McLaughlin
  37. Microarcsecond astrometry using the SKA
    E. Fomalont, M. Reid
  38. Observing gravitational radiation with QSO proper motions and the SKA
    A. Jaffe
  39. Prospects for radio detection of ultra-high energy cosmic rays and neutrinos
    H. Falcke, P. Gorham, R.J. Protheroe
  40. Solar system science with SKA
    B.J. Butler, D.B. Campbell, I. de Pater, D.E. Gary
  41. Spacecraft tracking with the SKA
    D.L. Jones
  42. Astrobiology and SETI
    J.C. Tarter
  43. Exploration of the unknown
    P.N. Wilkinson, K.I. Kellermann, R.D. Ekers, J.M. Cordes, T.J.W. Lazio
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