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SKADS Benchmark Scenario

The SKADS Benchmark Scenario is a special case of the SKA Reference Design (SKA memo 69) for which the low and mid frequencies are covered by a technology based on aperture plane phased arrays. The development of densely packed aperture-plane phased-arrays for the mid frequencies is the main technological thrust of the European Square Kilometre Array Design Studies.

SKADS aims to provide a cost-effective technology which satisfies all the SKA science requirements. As such, the Benchmark Scenario evolves as the technology matures.

In SKA Memo 93 we introduced the main concepts of the SKADS vision for the SKA. Following a specifications review by the international project, culminating in the publication of a preliminary specification for the SKA (SKA Memo 100) we have revised the SKADS vision to keep it in line with the international expectations for the SKA. Essentially, the SKADS vision of the SKA matches the Phase 2 Aperture Array scenario (option 3c) of Memo 100. The resulting system design is described in detail in the updated version of our document and we also highlight the way in which some parameters are likely to drive the system design and costs.

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