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7th SKADS Board Meeting 2009 January 22/23

7th SKADS Board Meeting


The 7th SKADS Board meeting took place in Madrid on 22-23 January 2009.

Observatorio Astronomico de Madrid
Calle Alfonso XII, 3
28014 Madrid

This meeting took place in conjunction with the EXPReS Board meeting of January 21. There was a joint meeting dinner on Wednesday, January 21, 2009 at 20:30 h. The dinner was held at:

El Cenador Del Prado
C/ Prado 4


The detailed agenda can be downloaded below:

download documentAgenda for the 7th SKADS Board Meeting
download documentAgenda for 5th SKADS-MCCT Board Meeting

Here is an overview of the meeting schedule:

Wednesday, January 21:
20.30 h - Joint SKADS/EXPReS Dinner (see above)

Thursday, January 22:
09.00-12.30 h - ESKAC meeting, including AAVP (by invitation only)
13.00-14.00 h - lunch
14.00-19.00 h - SKADS Board meeting day 1

Friday, January 23:
08.30-09.30 h - SKADS MCCT Board meeting (open to all)
09.30-13.30 h - SKADS Board meeting day 2
13.30-14.30 h - lunch

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