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Electronic Multi Beam Radio Astronomy ConcEpt

Electronic Multi Beam - A new Radio Astronomy ConcEpt

EMBRACE is based on the Aperture Array concept promising to cover the science goals associated with observations to be conducted at low frequencies 0.1 – 2.0 GHz that is to say the lower end of the frequency range SKA should cover.

The main objectives of EMBRACE are to demonstrate the technical and scientific potential of the Aperture Array concept using a low cost phased array station with the essential Square Kilometre Array (SKA) functionality in combination with the Westerbork Synthesis array.

Multi beam, a new technology

EMBRACE is planned as an array with multiple independent Fields of View (FoV) capabilities, producing multi beam. It will be the first of its kind for radio astronomy.

multi beaming with a phased-array

A multiple independent Fields of View array can point in different direction simultaneously. Such a flexible system offers the prospect of supporting many users to carry out separate astronomical programmes at the same time. See movie (© Michael Kramer)

This technology allows us to null out interfering signals (at the sites being investigated for the SKA there will be no TV transmitters but the unwanted emissions from satellites will need to be dealt with).

EMBRACE specifications

Frequency: 400MHz –1550MHz
Polarisation: Single Linear
Scan Volume: Full hemispherical
No of indep. FOV: 2
Tsys: <100 deg K@ 1GHz (aim for 50deg K)
Ant. element phase control: 3 or 4 bit
Instant. Bandwidth: 40MHz
No of digital beams: 8 of 20 MHz per FOV
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