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Cosmology, Galaxy Formation and Astroparticle Physics on the Pathway to the SKA

Cosmology, Galaxy Formation and Astroparticle Physics on the Pathway to the SKA

Proceedings of the Conference held in Oxford
10-12 April 2006

Published by ASTRON, ISBN 978-90-805434-4-7, 187 pages


  • Hans-Rainer Klöckner
  • Steve Rawlings
  • Matt Jarvis
  • Angela Taylor


download documentPreface, Introduction, Table of Contents
The Editors, and Arnold van Ardenne
download documentCosmic Rays: Recent Progress and some Current Questions
Michael Hillas
download documentExtending the Sensitivity of Air Cerenkov Telescopes
Ignacio de la Calle & Steve D. Biller
download documentRelativistic particles in the Earth’s atmosphere
Martin Füllekrug
download documentCurrent and Near-Future Neutrino Experiments
Steve D. Biller
download documentThe Cosmogenic Neutrino Flux and Its Dependence on the Cosmic Ray Primary Composition
Andrew Taylor
download documentDetermining neutrino properties with the SKA
Filipe Abdalla et al.
download documentFuture questions for cosmology
John A. Peacock
download documentThe cosmic microwave background: a theorist’s perspective
Anthony Challinor
download documentCurrent status of the QUaD 1st season analysis
Michael Brown
download documentLimits on CMBP B-Mode Measurements by Galactic Synchrotron Observations
Ettore Carretti
download documentThe Arcminute Microkelvin Imager
Keith Grainge
download documentThe Dark Energy Survey
Jochen Weller et al.
download documentCompletion of the Southern African Large Telescope
David Buckley & P. A. Charles
download documentProbing dark energy with future surveys
Roberto Trotta
download documentStrong gravitational lensing and the SKA
Neal Jackson
download documentBaryon Acoustic Oscillations
Will Percival
download documentMeasuring Dark Energy with the Wide-Field Multi-Object Spectrograph (WFMOS)
Robert Nichol
download documentPredicted Dark Energy Constraints using 3D Weak Lensing
Thomas D. Kitching
download documentThe integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect and the SKA
Robert Crittenden
download documentThe Synergy of Dark Energy Probes
Andy Taylor & Thomas D. Kitching
download documentLocal benchmarks for SKA HI 21-cm surveys
Martin Zwaan
download documentFuture HI Surveys on the road to the SKA
Robert Braun
download documentThe Karoo Array Telescope
Justin Jonas
download documentSouth African SKA and KAT Science
Catherine M. Cress et al.
download documentxNTD and the Path towards the SKA
Lister Staveley-Smith
Richard Schilizzi
download documentWMAP3 Results and the Observability of Reionization at Redshifted 21cm
Garrelt Mellema et al.
download documentA new method of detecting high-redshift clusters
Caroline van Breuk et al.
download documentClusters of galaxies in the COSMOS field
Alexis Finoguenov
download documentCompact extragalactic sources in the SKA sky: liabilities or assets?
Leonid Gurvits
download documentQuasar host galaxies
Ross McLure
download documentUnbiased redshifts for obscured galaxies via gigamasers
Rob Ivison
download documentMagnetic fields in star-forming galaxies at low and high redshifts
Rainer Beck
download documentConstraints on the Cosmological Evolution of Magnetic Fields in Galaxies
Paul Alexander et al.
download documentMaking the best of SKA data: Archives, Pipelines and Virtual Observatories
Anita Richards et al.
download documentLOFAR - Opening up a new window on the Universe
Huub Röttgering et al.
download documentEquatorial imaging with e-MERLIN Including the Chilbolton Antenna
Ian Heywood et al.
download documentVisions for the Future
Peter Wilkinson
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