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S43Fast and Large Volume Simulations of the 21 cm Signal from the Reionization and pre-Reionization Epochs
M.G. Santos, L. Ferramacho, M.B. Silva, A. Amblard, A. Cooray
S42Evolution of magnetic fields in galaxies and future observational tests with the Square Kilometre Array
T.G. Arshakian, R. Beck, M. Krause, D. Sokoloff
S41The evolution of cluster magnetic fields probed by the SKA
M. Huarte-Espinosa, P. Alexander, R.C. Bolton, J. Geisbuesch, M. Krause
S40Exploring Weak Magnetic Fields with LOFAR and SKA
T. Arshakian, R. Beck
S39Evolution of magnetic fields in galaxies in the frame of hierarchical structure formation cosmology: future tests with the SKA
T. Arshakian, R. Beck, M. Krause, D. Sokoloff, R. Stepanov
S38Magnetic fields in nearby galaxies: prospects with future radio telescopes
R. Beck
S37Simulated SKA maps from Galactic 3D-emission models
X.H. Sun, W. Reich
S36Compactness of cold gas in high-redshift galaxies
D. Obreschkow, S. Rawlings
S35A Heuristic Prediction of the Cosmic Evolution of the CO-luminosity Functions
D. Obreschkow, I. Heywood, H.-R. Klöckner, S. Rawlings
S34A Virtual Sky with Extragalactic HI and CO Lines for the SKA and ALMA
D. Obreschkow, H.-R. Klöckner, I. Heywood, F. Levrier, S. Rawlings
S33Measurements of the Cosmological Evolution of Magnetic Fields with the Square Kilometre Array
M. Krause, P. Alexander, R.C. Bolton, J. Geisbüsch, D.A. Green, J. Riley
S32Forecasts for Dark Energy Measurements with Future HI Surveys
F.B. Abdalla, C. Blake, S. Rawlings
S31Simulation of the Polarized Sky at 1.4 GHz
S.P. O’Sullivan, J.M. Stil, A.R. Taylor, R. Ricci, J.K. Grant, K. Shorten
S30Simulation of the Cosmic Evolution of Atomic and Molecular Hydrogen in Galaxies
D. Obreschkow, D. Croton, G. De Lucia, S. Khochfar, S. Rawlings
S29The Cosmic Decline in the H2/HI-Ratio in Galaxies
D. Obreschkow, S. Rawlings
S28Understanding the H2/HI Ratio in Galaxies
D. Obreschkow, S. Rawlings
S27Simulating full-sky interferometric observations
J.D. McEwen, A.M.M. Scaife
S26The simulated 21 cm signal during the epoch of reionization : full modeling of the Ly-alpha pumping
S. Baek, P. Di Matteo, B. Semelin, F. Combes, Y. Revaz
S25A generalised Measurement Equation and van Cittert-Zernike theorem for wide-field radio astronomical interferometry
T.D. Carozzi, G. Woan
S24Computational Requirements for Pulsar Searches with the Square Kilometer Array
Roy Smits, Michael Kramer, Ben Stappers, and Andrew Faulkner
S23Evolution of magnetic fields and future observational tests with the SKA
Tigran G. Arshakian, Rainer Beck, Marita Krause, Dmitry Sokoloff
S22The Square Kilometre Array as a “Direct-to-Earth” facility for deep space communications
P.A. Fridman, L.I. Gurvits, S.V. Pogrebenko
S21Pulsar searches and timing with the SKA
R. Smits, M. Kramer, B. Stappers, D.R. Lorimer, J. Cordes, and A.J. Faulkner
S20Array configuration studies for the SKA - Implementation of figures of merit based on SDR
D.V. Lal, A.P. Lobanov, S. Jiménez-Monferrer
S19SETI (science fiction short story featuring the SKA)
Roy Smits
S18A semi-empirical simulation of the extragalactic radio continuum sky for next generation radio telescopes
R. J. Wilman, et al.
S17Testing the magnetic field models of disk galaxies with the SKA
T. Arshakian, et al.
S16Magnetic Visions: Mapping Cosmic Magnetism with LOFAR and SKA
R. Beck
S15Galactic magnetic fields
Rainer Beck (published on Scholarpedia)
S14Proceedings of the First MCCT-SKADS Training School, 23-29 September 2007, Medicina, Italy
F. Mantovani, et al. (ed.)
S13Simulations for the Square Kilometre Array: Proceedings of the Pushchino Meeting 30 July - 1 August 2007
S.A. Torchinsky (ed.)
S12Probing Dark Energy with the SKA
S.A. Torchinsky & SKADS
S11Radio observational constraints on Galactic 3D-emission models
X.H.Sun, W.Reich, A.Waelkens and T.A.Ensslin
S10Magnetic field structures of galaxies derived from analysis of Faraday rotation measures, and perspectives for the SKA
R. Stepanov, T.G. Arshakian, R. Beck, P. Frick, M. Krause
S9Cosmic Reionization and the 21cm signal: simulations and analytical models
M. Santos, et al
S8Lyman-alpha radiative transfer during the Epoch of Reionization: contribution to 21-cm signal fluctuations
B. Semelin, F. Combes, S. Baek
S7Cosmology, Galaxy Formation and Astroparticle Physics on the Pathway to the SKA
Klöckner, et al (eds)
S6Is the Dynamics of Tracking Dark Energy Detectable?
Bruce A. Bassett, Mike Brownstone, Antonio Cardoso, Marina Cortês, Yabebal Fantaye, Renée Hlozek, Jacques Kotze, Patrice Okouma
S5Opportunities for maser studies with the Square Kilometre Array
A.J. Green, W.A. Baan
S4Lyman-alpha radiative transfer during the Epoch of Reionization: contribution to 21-cm signal fluctuations
B. Semelin, F. Combes, S. Baek
S3A characteristic observable signature of preferred frame effects in relativistic binary pulsars
N. Wex, M. Kramer
S2Determining Neutrino Properties using future Galaxy Redshift Surveys
F.B. Abdalla, S.G. Rawlings
S1Constraining the nature of dark energy using the Square Kilometer Array Telescope
A. Torres-Rodriguez, C.M. Cress


(to science memos...)
T46Model-based Specification and Design of Large-Scale Embedded Signal Processing Systems
J.Lemaitre, PhD Thesis
T45Spatial processing of cyclostationary interferers for phased array radio telescopes
R. Feliachi, PhD Thesis
T44Aperture Arrays for the SKA: the SKADS White Paper
A.J. Faulkner et al.
T43Extending the Field of View With Phased Array Techniques: Results of European SKA Research
A. van Ardenne, J.D. Bregman, W.A. van Cappellen, G.W. Kant, J.G.B. de Vaate
T42A Wideband, Four-Element, All-Digital Beamforming System for Dense Aperture Arrays in Radio Astronomy
R.P. Armstrong, K. Zarb Adami, M.E. Jones
T41Cost-effective infrastructure in a multi-antenna telescope layout
G. Grigorescu, P. Alexander, R.C. Bolton, R. McCool
T40Focal Plane Array Simulations with MeqTrees III: Observations with an AzEl Mount Telescope
A.G. Willis
T39Focal Plane Array Simulations with MeqTrees II: Noise Analysis
A. Gray, A.G. Willis
T38Focal Plane Array Simulations with MeqTrees 1: Beamforming
A.G. Willis, B. Veidt, A. Gray
T37On the SKA Sensitivity and Astrometric Precision under a Turbulent Atmosphere
I. Martí-Vidal, J.C. Guirado, S. Jiménez-Monferrer, J.M. Marcaide
T36Electromagnetic analysis and design of the Northern Cross BEST (SKADS) test bed
G. Virone, R. Tascone, O.A. Peverini, G. Addamo, A. Olivieri
T35Octagon Rings Antennas for Compact Dual-Polarized Aperture Array
Y. Zhang, A.K. Brown
T34Bunny Ear Combline Antennas for Compact Wide-Band Dual-Polarized Aperture Array
Y. Zhang, A.K. Brown
T33UV-plane coverage analysis for the BEST project
E. Carretti, D. Dallacasa
T32VIIP: a PCI programmable board.
G. Bianchi, L. Zoni, S. Montebugnoli
T31Study and Design of a Differentially Fed Tapered Slot Antenna Array
E. de Lera Acedo, E. Garcia, V. González-Posadas, J.L. Vázquez-Roy, R. Maaskant, D. Segovia
T30System Noise Analysis of an Ultra Wide Band Aperture Array Element for Low Frequency Radio Astronomy
E. de Lera-Acedo, N. Razavi-Ghods, E. Garcia, P. Duffett-Smith, P. Alexander
T29Fast MBF Based Method for Large Random Array Characterization
D. González-Ovejero, E. de Lera Acedo, N. Razavi-Ghods, C. Craeye
T28Analysis of an Ultra Wideband Aperture Array Element for Low Frequency Radio Astronomy
E. de Lera Acedo, N. Razavi-Ghods, E. Garcia, P. Duffett-Smith, P. Alexander
T27Improved Software Distribution Mechanisms for SKA Software
C. Williams, S. Salvini, B. Mort, F. Dulwich, O. Smirnov, J. E. Noordam
T26Cost-effective infrastructure in a multi-antenna telescope layout
G. Grigorescu, P. Alexander, R. Bolton, R. McCool
T25R&D at Nançay for Radio Astronomy Detectors and Systems
S. Bosse, M.-L. Grima, G. Kenfack, et al
T24Low Cost Low Noise Phased-Array Feeding Systems for SKA Pathfinders
J.G. Bij de Vaate, L. Bakker, E.E.M. Woestenburg, R.H. Witvers, G.W. Kant, W. van Cappellen
T23The SKA Costing and Design Tool
D. Ford, R.C. Bolton, T. Colegate, P. Alexander, P. Hall
T22Broadband Differentially Fed Tapered Slot Antenna Array for Radio Astronomy Applications
M. Arts, R. Maaskant, E. de Lera Acedo, J.G. bij de Vaate
T21Very low leakage InGaAs/InAlAs pHEMTs for broadband (300 MHz to 2 GHz) low-noise applications
A. Bouloukou, B. Boudjelida, A. Sobih, S. Boulay, J. Sly, M. Missous
T20Two-Dimensional Physical and Numerical Modelling of InP-based Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors
T. Tauqeer, J. Sexton, F. Amir, M. Missous
T19Sub-0.5 dB NF broadband low-noise amplifier using a novel InGaAs/InAlAs/InP pHEMT
B.Boudjelida, A. Sobih, S. Arshad, A. Bouloukou, S. Boulay, J. Sly, M. Missous
T18Novel high-breakdown InGaAs/InAlAs pHEMTs for radio astronomy applications
A. Bouloukou, A. Sobih, D. Kettle, J. Sly, M. Missous
T17Modelling and simulation of low-frequency broadband LNA using InGaAs/InAlAs structures: A new approach
B. Boudjelida, A. Sobih, A. Bouloukou, S. Boulay, S. Arshad, J. Sly, M. Missous
T16Low Power, GHz class ADC for Broadband Applications
T. Tauqeer, J. Sexton, J. Sly, M. Missous
T15GHz Class Low -Power Flash ADC for Broadband Communications
J. Sexton, T. Tauqeer, M. Mohiuddin and M. Missous
T14Design of low leakage InGaAs/InAlAs pHEMTs for wide band (300MHz to 2GHz) LNAs
A. Bouloukou, B. Boudjelida, A. Sobih, S. Boulay, J. Sly, M. Missous
T13SKADS Benchmark Scenario Design and Costing  2
(The SKA Phase 2 AA Scenario)

R.C. Bolton, et al
T12BiCMOS Differential Low Noise Amplifiers for Radioastronomy Application
J. Lintignat, M.L. Grima, S. Darfeuille, B. Barelaud, B. Jarry, S. Barth, S. Bosse, P. Meunier, P. Gamand
T11Amplificateur faible bruit différentiel de 1 dB dans la bande (0.35 - 2 GHz) en technologie BiCMOS SiGe 0.25μm
M-L. Grima, S. Barth, S. Bosse, B. Jarry, P. Gamand, P. Meunier, B. Barelaud, L. Billonnet
T10A Differential SiP (LNA-filter-mixer) in Silicon Technology for the SKA Project
M-L. Grima, S. Barth, S. Bosse, B. Jarry, P. Gamand, P. Meunier, B. Barelaud
T9Basic Element for Square Kilometer Array Training (BEST): Evaluation of Antenna Noise Temperature
P. Bolli, F. Perini, S. Montebugnoli, G. Pelosi, S. Poppi
T8Design of an Aperture Phased Array System for the SKA
A.J. Faulkner, P. Alexander, M.E. Jones, R.C. Bolton, A. van Ardenne, S.A. Torchinsky
T7Determining the Specification of an Aperture Array for Cosmological Surveys
P. Alexander, A.J. Faulkner
T6Design Considerations for an SKA Quality, Cost Effective Aperture Array
A.J. Faulkner, et al
T5Localized LNA Cooling in Vacuum
F. Schreuder, J.-G. Bij De Vaate
T4SKADS Benchmark Scenario Design and Costing
Alexander, et al.
T3Italian SKA test bed based on cylindrical antennas
S. Montebugnoli et al.
T2EMBRACE: An Update
M. de Vos
T1Electronic Multi-Beam Radio Astronomy ConcEpt: EMBRACE the European Demonstrator for the SKA Program
G.W. Kant, P.D. Patel, J.A. van Houwelingen, A. van Ardenne
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