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SKADS: First EMBRACE Tile under test

The principal hardware effort within SKADS is the EMBRACE demonstrator. EMBRACE is the Electronic MultiBeam Radio Astronomy ConcEpt and it will be an aperture-plane phased-array using tiles of Vivaldi feed antennas. This concept was initially developed by ASTRON as the "Thousand Element Array" or ThEA. EMBRACE will have installations at Westerbork and Nancay for a total collecting area of 400 square metres (equivalent to a 20m diameter single dish). The first EMBRACE antenna boards with integrated electronics have been manufactured and are currently being integrated (see photos). Testing of a prototype tile will begin this summer.

EMBRACE: board for one tile

This picture shows the board containing the rf circuitry. The entire tile is visible.

EMBRACE: KDI vector modulator

The board shows some of the components being assembled. The KDI's vector modulator are shown.

EMBRACE: tile with Vivaldi antennas

This is a picture of Vivaldis designed for the prototype tile. Both RF circuit board and the antenna are shown.

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