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Square Kilometre Array Design Studies  
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SKADS Partner: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation


The CSIRO, through the Australia Telescope National Facility (ATNF), operates the major southern hemisphere radio observatories at Parkes (64m), Narrabri (the Australia Telescope Compact Array), Mopra and the Australian Long Baseline Array (LBA). CSIRO-ATNF maintains continuous development of its facilities and has played a leading role in SKA R&D via national funding for the past five years. Together with the antenna engineering group within the CSIRO Information and Communications Technology Centre (ICTC), CSIRO has world-leading expertise in antenna and systems design, signal processing, astronomical systems software development and SKA feasibility studies.


Major participants in DS3 (The Network and its output data) and in DS4 (Technical foundations and enabling technologies); participants in DS2 (Science and Astronomical Data Simulations), DS5 (Aperture Array Demonstrator EMBRACE) and DS6(Cylinder Array Demonstrator).


SKA Activities at the Australia Telescope National Facility.

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