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SKADS Partner: Universiteit Leiden


Leiden Observatory (Sterrewacht Leiden) is the Astronomy Department of Leiden University, and was the progenitor of the Stichting ASTRON. Leiden was where the LOFAR project was proposed in the Netherlands. Leiden staff members are involved in the management and planning of many major international astronomical facilities. A particular interest of the Leiden instrumentation programme is attaining very high spatial resolutions at all wavelengths. Astrophysical research at Leiden Observatory presently focuses on i) the formation and evolution of galaxies: from high redshift to the present; ii) the birth and death of stars: the life cycle of gas and dust. A major observational interest is in carrying out deep surveys of the sky. Leiden Observatory is a partner in the Lorentz Center, an international research centre for Astronomy, Computer Science.


Participant in DS2 (Science and Astronomical Data Simulations).


Universiteit Leiden.

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