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SKADS Partner: Observatoire de Paris


The Observatoire de Paris has a long tradition in astronomical and astrophysical research. Involved in SKADS are three of its scientific Departments (GEPI, LERMA andLESIA) and its Nançay radio astronomy Station (USN), all of which are Joint Research Units of the Observatoire de Paris and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS). These Departments, along with their partner Institutes (e.g., IAP, CEA and L2S), have major research activities in multi-wavelength (including radio) astronomy. Technical developments at the Nançay Station, which operates several radio telescopes including the 7000m2 collecting area Decimetric Radio Telescope, involve ASIC receiver front-ends, numerical receivers and radio interference mitigation methods.


Coordinator of DS7 (Assessment of Preparatory work and Studies); major participant in DS1 (Management) and DS4 (Technical foundations and enabling technologies); participant in DS2 (Science and Astronomical Data Simulations), DS3 (The Network and its output data) and DS5 (Aperture array demonstrator, EMBRACE).


Observatoire de Paris.

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