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SKADS Partner: Swinburne University of Technology


The Swinburne University of Technology has developed a high level of expertise in astronomical data processing and other applications of super-computers. It will contribute in the areas of SKA data, technical and science simulations (with the leader of the International SKA Simulations Working Group coordinating). Swinburne will implement a model description for the SKA concepts on its supercomputer which will be used by all the Consortium members. Swinburne is host to Australia's only theoretical cosmology and galaxy formation group, with 10 members engaged in High-Performance Computing simulations related directly and indirectly to the formation of structure throughout the Universe, including gas phase physics (neutral hydrogen at high-redshift) and continuum emission in the field and in clusters at all redshifts.


Major participant in DS2 (Science and Astronomical Data Simulations).


Swinburne University of Technology.

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