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SKADS Partner: University of Manchester


A combination of the Jodrell Bank Observatory (JBO; Dept. of Physics and Astronomy) and the Department of Electrical Engineering (formerly UMIST). JBO operates the UK MERLIN/VLBI National Facility and develops rf technology; long-distance optical-fibre systems for e-MERLIN and ALMA; real-time software systems; data-processing and archiving systems via the GRID and Virtual Observatories. JBO astronomers are world-leaders in pulsar observations. Electrical Engineering undertakes fundamental research and develops a wide range of rf and communication technologies including MMIC devices. The expertise and equipment to perform advanced semiconductor device R&D followed by material and device assessment using state-of-the art MBE machines and X-ray and C-V profiling.


Coordinator for DS4 (Technical Foundations and Enabling Technologies); and DS8 (Overall System Design and Preliminary Project Plan); major participant in DS3 (The Network and its output data); participant in DS2 (Science and Astronomical Data Simulations).


University of Manchester

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