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Year in the Life of SKA

Year in the Life of SKA

The SKADS Virtual Telescope

A major goal of the SKADS project is to use the simulation tools developed by the project in order to make a realistic end-to-end simulation of observations, and ultimately to get a picture of a fully operational SKA (see SKADS Simulated Skies). The idea here is to virtually schedule observations on the SKA as it grows towards the full array in the period 2011-2020.

The technology implementation chosen is built around the SKADS Benchmark Scenario, which is essentially the design option 3c described in International SKA Memo #100 by Schilizzi et al. This implementation was also used for the SKADS Design & Costing memo. This scenario is just one of several possible realisations of the SKA Reference Design (see SKA memo #69, and the updated version in SKA memo #100). All details of the SKADS Virtual Telescope (SVT), including a basic exposure-time calculator, are available from the SKADS webpage at

An initial set of proposals to “use” the SVT over the 2011-2014 period were written in 2007 (see SVT 2007). These are to be updated taking into account the evolved telescope specifications as described in the SKADS Benchmark and SKA memo #100.

New proposals are solicited, and we therefore invite you to either (a) participate in the existing proposals; or (b) lead new proposals. In the former case you should contact the principle author of the SVT 2007 proposal. In the latter case, please contact Steve Rawlings or Steve Torchinsky.

The main purpose of these proposals is to quantify the science return of the SKADS benchmark scenario in the early stages of SKA development. They also provide the opportunity for proposers to quantify important design details for the SVT.

After the scheduling process is complete, the proposals will be published as a soft-back book with chapters credited to proposal writers, and edited by the SKADS DS2-T1 team at Oxford. It will also be made available on the SKADS web site.

The “Year in the Life of SKA” publication is a formal requirement of the SKADS project, and it will be delivered to the European Community Framework Programme 6 as part of the SKADS final report.


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