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SKADS Technical Meeting, 22-23 April 2008

This is an announcement of a 2-Day Technical review meeting covering all the Tasks in DS3 and DS4. It will be held on 22nd and 23rd April at Jodrell Bank Observatory.

There will be a Meeting Dinner on Tuesday night paid for by SKADS, ideally attended by everyone to have a chance to meet socially. Please indicate whether or not you will attend the dinner when you register.

Please register

Now that SKADS is well into its 3rd year, the time has come to properly review the status of our technical developments in DS3 and DS4, and how we stand on the EC deliverables.

This will be a private - SKADS people only - meeting which will enable as free an exchange of ideas and views as possible. It is essential that the Task leaders attend, since we will review each Task activity, and as many technical SKADS people should attend as possible. DS5 and DS6 (EMBRACE and BEST) are not being reviewed here, since they are stand-alone projects, however, people working in DS5/6 are welcome, indeed encouraged, to attend.

Dates:  22-23 April (Tuesday and Wednesday)
Venue:Jodrell Bank Observatory
Conference Dinner: Tuesday night, 22 April, paid by SKADS
Hotel Info: please see nearby Hotel possibilities

Outline Agenda

Day 1
Morning:  Travel
  • Plenary meeting to explain structure
  • Break into Task work groups (a few will be paired)
  • Tasks review their status, see notes below
  • Tasks finalise and prepare presentations
  • Plenary grouping: Tasks present their findings 20min + 5 discussion each
  • Complete task presentations
  • Summary and review action items
  • Leave for travelling in time to get home.

As you can see there will be individual Task meetings so that there is an opportunity to review all the cross institution activities. These will be in separate rooms.

These Task meetings will:

  • Review progress and deliverables
  • Describe a remedial plan for deliverables which are running late
  • Identify the successes of the Task - where there has been major progress, which will contribute to the SKA
  • Identify what has become a problem - something that cannot be achieved, performance expectations that will not meet SKA requirements. Suggest alternative approaches that need to be researched.
  • Where there are multiple approaches, to discuss their relative strengths and weaknesses.

Task presentations:

Each task will report the outcome of their meetings to the plenary sessions for discussion. Each presentation will be ~20min with 5-10min discussion from the whole group.

As you can see, this will be a busy meeting!

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